Essay Writing Tips for College

Stuck in a rut and cannot seem to get started on your college essay? Here are some essay writing tips for college students that will help you get the ball rolling and write a great essay.

Think about your strengths. What are your best qualities? Is it your intellect, or your knack for finishing a job that no one else can? Are you very organized or good at getting people motivated? When you do a task, are you a go-getter? These are all things the application committee will want to know. When they look at applicants for their school, they want people who will bring a lot to their college community. Make sure you show them you are that person. Keep in mind that the college admissions committee is looking for future graduates, so you may not want to talk about procrastination or being late all the time. Highlight your good qualities.

Make a point to talk about who you are, not what you have done. All of those opportunities you took advantage of in high school are great, but no one wants to read a laundry list of your accomplishments. It is far better to showcase your place in the honor society or your work with autistic children in terms of how the experiences impacted you. Too many times, prospective college students will list every organization they belong to or extracurricular activity they participate in and this can seem like bragging or like you were just trying to get things done to get admitted to college. However, if you talk about your volunteer word at the children’s hospital and how it changed you as a person to read stories to sick kids, you will strike a personal chord with the admissions committee and they will want you for their school.

Get started writing. The hardest part about the college admissions essay is simply getting started. Set a kitchen timer for twenty minutes, turn off the television, and sit down with no distractions determined to write. This is one of the best essay writing tips for college you will receive. When an essay is due, you will find a million other things to do, but if you sit down and make the time to write, you will be amazed at how much you get done in that twenty minutes. Attack this project as though you are telling a story, and you will have a great baseline from which to start writing.

And there you have it – a rough draft of your college essay. Make sure you edit and proofread, and have one or two trusted friends read over your essay. These essay writing tips for college papers and application essays are tried and true, and you are sure to be successful if you follow these simple tips on getting started.