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A New Breed Of Information Soldiers

The Misfits Of Media

A new breed of information soldier is arising from the liberal tears of political correctness. A cast of XMen like characters that look like they have been derived from your favorite childhood comic book.

From the borderland of the dusty and tumbleweed infested west Texas town of El Paso, awakens a new breed of journalism. A no holds barred, in your face group of mighty Trump supporting liberty fighters, with only one common goal on their minds: To bring truth and information to a sick, misinformed, deteriorating society, now struggling on life support.

The all star cast of characters have arrived out of the ashes of the growing disease of liberalism and political correctness. Together, they have set out on a mission to begin the delivering of truth nails into the casket of the dying main stream media.

The line up consists of: ex heavyweight fighter and boxing champion David Rodriguez; retired Army veteran and investigative journalist Joe Biggs, best known for his work on Info Wars. Adding to the superhero look alike characters is a sarcastic, sexy, and brilliant journalist Dallas DuPont, or better known as Double D.

The three have come together to create Borderland Alternative Media, dubbed “BAM”. It will consist of video blogs, podcasts, and cutting edge news articles. Together, they plan to protect the wall on the border, while tearing down the wall that has been built around your mind.

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