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Joe Biggs Destroys Maxine Waters in Support of Omar Navarro!


WATCH: Joe Biggs gives a compelling case for Californians to take this opportunity to oust crazy Maxine Waters and replace her with a man that is looking to Make California Great Again: Omar Navarro.

This past weekend, Joe Biggs, Borderland Alternative Media’s COO, had the opportunity to give a speech promoting Omar Navarro in his race to unseat Maxine Waters for Representative of the 43rd Congressional District of California. In classic Joe style, he holds no punches back in calling out the ineffectiveness and absolute corruption of Waters. It’s time for Maxine to go.

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The contrast between Navarro and Waters is vast. Omar is an outsider to the Washington ‘swamp’ while Waters is one of the most seasoned ‘swamp creatures.’


“Omar is a Washington outsider, who has lived in Inglewood, Hawthorne, and Torrance. Omar is running because he wants to give the people of the 43rd an independent voice in Congress–not one beholden to special interests and career politicians.”

As Joe said in the speech, it’s time to “MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN” and Omar Navarro is the perfect candidate to do so.

Original video credits: Adam Roberts/@SHUTTERSHOT45

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