El Paso Local Bar, Mulligan’s and the recent Rival Gang shooting



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El Paso Local Bar, Mulligan’s and the recent Rival Gang Shooting


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


An El Paso, TX, local popular bar, Mulligan’s was unfortunately the recent crime scene for a rival gang shooting, at the George Dieter location.  According to the El Paso Police Department, there were 4 victims identified as, Juan Martinez, Ballardo Salcido, David Villalobos, and Juan Vega-Rivera.  Both Salcido and Martinez endured life threatening injuries, and a relative for Salcido has indicated that he is currently undergoing surgery.   The shooter was identified as, Javier Gonzalez, from the San Elizario area, located near El Paso County.  The 34 year old was arrested Tuesday morning, and it has been revealed that he is affiliated with the Kinfolk Outlaw Motorcycle gang.  Apparently, Gonzalez was initially involved in an altercation with members from a rival gang, known as, Bandidos Motorcycle gang, and was asked to leave, prior to returning to the bar, and shooting his victims. Javier Gonzalez is currently jailed, with a bond set at $650,000.

Coincidentally, on a different note,  some of the Bandidos motorcycle members is also under the radar because of a separate incident.  A few of the Bandidos gang members were accused of engaging in an altercation with one of the Brass Knuckle members at Hot Chick’s Wing house on Zaragoza road.  Authorities disclosed details surrounding that particular case, and it is documented that the scuffle between Bandidos, and Brass Knuckle was because associates from the Bandidos’ gang were attempting to steal the vest from the other 2 individuals.  Overall, this type of rivalry, and gangs violence is becoming too common in local bars, etc.  As a result, law enforcement is ensuring that Mulligan’s will no longer allow gang affiliation attire, etc. at any of their locations.


Source: Channel 9 News

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