8K Reward for the Hunt in Capturing one of Texas’ Most Wanted Rapist



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8K Reward for the Hunt in Capturing one of Texas’ Most Wanted Rapist


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Capture a monster and attain some cash, at the same token, while bringing forth justice, so that this horrific rapist is behind bars.  A reward has recently been increased to 8K, for the capture of one of Texas’ most wanted pedophile. Manuel Raul Maese is sought by authorities for indecent exposure; including the fact that he didn’t register himself within the sex offender database, as mandated. Another atrocious crime to add to Maese’s list stems from his previous conviction of “indecency with a child.”  Manuel Montavo is another name this criminal has utilized in the past, and he has connections with El Paso, and Juarez, Mexico.  According to Nexstar media, Maese, 63 year old, perpetrator has been previously employed, as a “commercial truck driver.”  Authorities are requesting the assistance from the public; therefore, if you have information regarding Maese; please, call the following number: 1-800-252 TIPS.


Source: Nexstar media, Channel 9 news, and Crime Stoppers

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