Illegal Immigration

Victims Of Illegal Immigrant Crimes Speak Out 


Victims Of Illegal Immigrant Crimes Speak Out


A video shared by Mark Dice show testimony after testimony of victims of crimes from illegal immigrants.

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Each heart-wrenching story is proof that President Trump is on the right side of the issue. No parent or family member should suffer these heartless acts of violence. As you watch this video, you will see that not having common sense is what is wrong with this issue. The wall needs to be put in place.

About David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez has withstood a lifetime of adversity and tribulation to become an advocate for bullied children and adults. Rodriguez is a once decorated top 10 heavyweight boxing contender and champion with an impressive record of 37-2 with 35 big knockouts. After a roller coaster of a ride in the dirty politics of the boxing world, Rodriguez became the author of his autobiography, “When The Lights Go Out.” Rodriguez has now since turned his attention to delivering left hooks of truth to a brainwashing and dishonest mainstream media.

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