Starbucks Showdown: Customer Wrestled an Armed Robber



Starbucks Showdown when Customer Wrestled an Armed Robber

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Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Imagine drinking your coffee or latte at one of the most famous barista establishment franchises when all of a sudden, two men are wrestling like some WWE match.  Coincidentally, a Starbucks in Fresno, California became the scene for such a drama when a customer grabbed a metal chair, and engaged in a wrestling match with an armed suspect. The perpetrator, 30 year old, Ryan Flores evidently had a knife, and what it appeared to look like a toy gun.  The heroic customer, Cregg Jeri sustained a stab wound, along with the criminal during their physical altercation. Flores was also stabbed several times once Jeri took the knife away from the masked robber.  Flores had a Transformers Halloween mask when he had approached the cashier demanding money.  Authorities eventually captured, and arrested the perpetrator when they found him nearby, dripping in blood.  Aside from the customer and suspect, no other injuries were reported.


Source: PJmedia

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