Several Jail Inmates Escaped after using Peanut Butter in order to Confuse Newly hired Guard



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Several Jail Inmates Escaped after using Peanut Butter in order to Confuse Newly Hired Guard


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Jasper, Alabama made some recent headlines due to an estimated, 12 jailed inmates who escaped due to the help of some good old fashioned peanut butter.  The inmates cleverly utilized the peanut butter from their sandwiches in order to use, as some sort of plaster above the jail cell.  These criminals modified their jail cell number, and replaced it with the numbers located on the number which coincided with “a door leading outside the jail.”  As a result, one of the inmates was the instigator who informed the new guard about opening the supposed, “authorized” cell door.  The inmates used blankets in order to climb over the barbed wire fence. However, most of them were caught eventually after an 8 hour search, except for one who is still at large.  Bradley Andrew Kilpatrick is the only fugitive who has not been caught.  The escapee’s crimes were noted as, attempted murder and misconduct.




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