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New York Times: Trump is Mean to Human Smugglers


Yes, you read that headline correctly.

In a New York Times piece today, July 3, 2017, Kirk Semple paints a picture of how the Trump Administration is hindering immigrants flooding into the U.S. Through supposed ‘gut-wrenching’ stories from those living in Central countries, we are meant to conclude that President Trump is a terrible man for putting the protection and livelihoods of Americans first.

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Tucked in among the stories of would-be migrants who are too ‘scared’ to try to enter the U.S. illegally now, under President Trump, is a story of Marcos, a migrant smuggler. The article details how Marcos’ business is drying up under President Trump.

“Migrant smugglers in Honduras say their business has dried up since Mr. Trump took office.”

The left is desperate to paint President Trump in a negative light at every turn. They are trying to portray him as mean simply because an illegal human smuggler is losing business under his administration.

“People think he’s going to kick everyone out of the country. Almost nobody’s going.”

What is wrong with these people? I can understand the empathy that you can feel for individuals living in desperate situations around the globe. That does not justify their illegal activities, but at least you can understand the desperation to get to America. However, how did Kirk Semple think that the dying business of human smuggling would resonate with the American voter? I feel confident that the majority of Americans are happy that such activities are going extinct.

It’s a funny world when the progressive left is framing hit-pieces on President Trump with the basis that he’s mean to human smugglers because they are losing their job. Sorry, New York Times, but the American people are winning again! We have a President that is keeping his promises and looking out for us! Thank you President Trump!

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