Muslims In Afghanistan Are Using Little Boys For Sex Slaves 


Muslims In Afghanistan Are Using Little Boys For Sex Slaves


I’ve had many friends return from serving in the military to explain to me how horrific and filthy Muslims can be living in their run down, poverty stricken communities. They continually ridicule, scold and beat their women with no mercy while their hygiene could make a pig vomit from the stench alone.

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They have little regard for human life and uphold the Koran to the highest of standards, yet live a life of complete and total hypocrisy. If you are found to be a homosexual or having homosexual acts, then you’re therefore beaten badly, ostracized and eventually killed.

Women live in perpetual fear, clothed in hijabs and garments that disguise and engulf their entire body. They live in a terrain of the desert with a heat index that consistently hits 115 degrees.

These living conditions have become routine for them. It goes as far back as thousands of years, with no real advancement in technology.

Our military may find these living conditions and social acts unbearable, but dressing up 7yr old boys like women and having sex with them has hit a whole new level of disturbing. The question is: Do we as Americans intervene?

“Afghan soldiers are using boys as sex slaves, and the U.S. is looking the other way,” by Anuj Chopra, Washington Post, July 18, 2017:
KABUL – Last summer, an Afghan police commander invited me to his post for tea — and to view his “beautiful” boy sex slave.
I stumbled through a farm of chest-high opium poppy stocks to reach his mud-and-wattle outpost on the outskirts of Tarin Kot, the capital of southern Uruzgan province that is teetering in the face of a Taliban upsurge. On its open roof, a slight teenager sat next to his hulking captor, stealing sad glances at me as he quietly filled our tea glasses. A shock of auburn curls jutted out of his embroidered pillbox hat and his milky eyes were lined with kohl. The commander flaunted him the way a ringmaster exhibits an exotic animal. “See my beautiful bacha (boy slave),” he said, blithe and casual, a gun dangling at his side.
The commander, an ally of the United States in the war against the Taliban, is not an anomaly. Hundreds of such outposts of the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a front-line force armed and funded with U.S. taxpayer dollars, and other pro-government militias are believed to have enslaved young boys for dancing and sexual companionship, many of them kidnapped.
Freedom from the Taliban’s puritanical regime in 2001 also brought freedom to do “bacha bazi,” the cultural practice of sexual slavery and abuse of boys who are often dressed effeminately and whose possession is seen by Afghan strongmen as a marker of power and masculinity….
I reported last year how the Taliban are exploiting entrenched bacha bazi to infiltrate Afghan security ranks, effectively using child sex slaves — many of them brutally abused and hungry for revenge — as Trojan Horses to mount deadly insider attacks.
Institutionalized bacha bazi, described as culturally sanctioned male rape, is likely to continue unabated in the absence of any real deterrent. The United Nations has called on Afghanistan to urgently adopt legislation to criminalize bacha bazi and swiftly prosecute state officials guilty of the practice.
One senior official in Uruzgan described bacha bazi as an addiction worse than opium, saying commanders compete — and sometimes battle — one another to snatch pretty boys. Many prowl neighborhoods for boys “who have not seen the sun for years,” a cultural euphemism for unblemished beauty.

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