Illegal Immigration

ICE Begins The Crack Down On Sanctuary Cities 


The Immigration and Customs Enforcement known as  (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan on Tuesday said he plans to further the crack down on undocumented immigrants by sending more resources and ICE agents to sanctuary cities.
Homan stated to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday that he plans to address “ludicrous” sanctuary cities.
“In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,” Homan told the publication. “What I want to get is a clear understanding from everybody, from the congressmen to the politicians to law enforcement to those who enter the country illegally, that ICE is open for business.”

“We’re going to enforce the laws on the books without apology, we’ll continue to prioritize what we do,” Homan then added. “But it’s not OK to violate the laws of this country anymore, you’re going to be held accountable.” 

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According to Homan, illegal border crossings have seen a significant decrease of  70 percent under Trump administration and arrests within the United States have increased by whopping 40 percent.

Homan also said he has gotten the green light to hire another 10,000 new immigration agents, who will work diligently to arrest and detain illegal criminals sheltered in sanctuary cities. 

President Trump promised to crack down on illegal immigration and step up border security. ICE is in full cooperation with President Trump and is ready for full action. More details to come… 

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