Heroic Europeans Crowdfund Vessel to Stop Migrant Invasion


Vessel Used to Turn Migrant Boats Back to Africa, Prevent NGO “Taxi Service” from operating smoothly.

In a strange but predictable turn of events, it was recently revealed that NGOs funded by Soros-level cretins have been running what is essentially a human trafficking operation between Africa and Italy.

As outlined by Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson, what amounts to a “taxi service” of mostly Sub Saharan Africans has been operating with impunity, shuttling economic migrants looking for social welfare programs across the Mediterranean Sea and into Italy.

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This is by no means a breaking story or new information.  Not only has the EU accused MSF (Doctors Without Borders) of human trafficking, there is actually evidence that exists that can show that these lowlife people traffickers have been in direct contact with the operators of the so-called “taxi service” setting up pickup and dropoff points which is HIGHLY illegal.

I see two children in this picture.  So much for the nonsense about “helping women and children escape war-torn areas” Either they are lying or those are some butt ugly women.



But after breaking the record for immigration in 2016, some Italians and the so-called “far-right”  have had enough.

Two months ago, a French funded boat was able to disrupt a “search and rescue vessel” (read: NGO funded taxi service) leaving Sicily. Taking that as a cue, a new operation was launched to turn the tides on this demographic warfare operation. Seeing their culture being threatened by African invaders who refuse to assimilate to the European way of  life, a group of “Identitarians” – basically the “European Alt Right” – were able to raise over $64,000 (50,000+ British Pounds) to fund a similar mission to turn African vessels back and save Europe from genocide.

Of course, the mainstream fake news media launched a full on demonization campaign against the people trying to preserve Europe.  Calling them the “hipster-right” and reminding readers over and over how many people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean, garbage media outlets like the BBC are in full on propaganda mode.

Luckily, not many people are fooled by the loser mainstream press anymore.  BBC, Vox (This article is a particular favorite.  It shows how biased the left is and also gives a great outline of the Identitarians who organize this type of thing operate) CNN, MSNBC, etc have virtually no credibility remaining, so the narrative that a bunch of nazi hipsters who want to kill poor women and children isn’t fooling anyone.

And on that topic, let’s remember that this started out as a “Syrian Refugee crisis,” not one of sub-saharan Africans paying up to $2000 per person to be picked up by NGOs who are trying to turn Europe into Africa.


A boatload of African men (not refugee women and children as the media would have you believe) waits for an NGO to pick them up and shuttle them to Europe for all the free welfare they can shake a stick at.

Even UNICEF, an organization with a severe pro-refugee globalist bias, had to admit that the majority of the so-called “Refugees” aren’t refugees at all.  They are economic migrants looking for handouts from countries with easily manipulated welfare programs.

Unicef map of where migrants come from… Hint: not Syria.

Of course, the left is all too happy to genocide White Europeans through demographic warfare in order to remain in power and to tear down the great society that Europeans have created. Let’s hope that more of Europe and the United States begin to wake up and realize that social welfare programs are an invitation for abuse and illegal immigration and ultimately, will be the end of Europe as we know it.

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