Detroit Mother Killed Daughter and son, then Stuck them in Freezer


Detroit Mother Killed Son and Daughter, then Stuck them in Freezer

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Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

A Detroit mother receives a life term prison sentence because several years ago, she atrociously murdered her son and daughter two years apart; Stephen in 2012, and Stony in 2013.  She confessed and proudly stated that she would do it over again because her children were demons.  After killing her children, Stephen Berry age 9; including, 13 yr. old, daughter, Stony Blair, their mother placed their bodies in the freezer.  Mitchelle Blair admits to killing her children because she allegedly found out that they were sexually abusing her 5 year old son.  She claims that she wants her surviving 5 year old son, who is now 8 years old, to know that his mother stood her ground, and saved him from the molestation. However, there is no evidence to support Blair’s claims, according to the Assistant prosecutor in the case.   Blair’s other surviving, 17 year old daughter told authorities that their mother would physically beat them all frequently, and burn them with an iron.  Authorities found evidence of physical abuse, in which corroborated the 17 year old daughter’s story.  There was a custody hearing in which the different fathers of the remaining children attended, and Mitchelle Blair was ordered to be removed upon her violent outburst.  Blair also exhibited her tumultuous temper in the courtroom when she was being sentenced by the judge.  Mitchelle Blair will never see the light of day for her crimes, and pled guilty to first degree murder. Blair won’t ever have the opportunity of parole due to the heinous crimes she committed; including charges for the severe abuse all her children endured.



Source: Detroit Free Press



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