Crazy Auntie Maxine at it Again!


We all know that Maxine Waters has completely lost her marbles.  She’s been this way for a long time.  It hasn’t stopped her from getting re-elected to the House of Representatives for decades. She has daily rants about impeaching President Trump.  She has daily rants about Trump and Russia. She gets to talk nearly every day on MSNBS.  She doesn’t allow media at her rallies and town hall meetings.  She also takes to social media more than just about anyone else in government…and that’s saying something!

Well, today and yesterday were no different.  It almost seems like Sen. John McCain is in collusion with her by her Twitter rants!

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So the Senate floor is for “payback” according to Auntie Maxine.  Great.  Not for supporting your constituents, but for giving a big FU to the President? That’s not why I vote for people.  I want my representatives to represent me…but I’m just strange that way.

Then there’s this one:

So, now the President needs to be thrown in a Paddy wagon and hopefully bust his head?

Then, this beauty.  She claims that the VP, along with Priebus and Spicer are colluding to become in charge of the White House!

Just for old times sake, here is a John McCain campaign ad “Leading the Fight to Stop Obamacare!”:


Not only is Auntie Maxine nuttier than a crack addict, I might believe that McCain and Lindsey Graham could be in nutty cahoots with her to hornswoggle the current administration.  Or, she’s off her meds.

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