Can You Smell What the Rock is… RUNNING?


Are we headed for a Trump/Rock showdown in 2020?

On Sunday, July 9, via FEC records, the organization ‘Run the Rock 2020’ was filed as a campaign support group for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The filing was not submitted by Johnson himself, but by an individual named Kenton Tilford. No direct connection between Johnson and Tilford has been found, but this only furthers the discussion regarding the possibility that ‘The Rock’ could run for President in 2020.

Despite the fact that this current committee formation likely has nothing to do with Dwayne Johnson directly, this isn’t a completely unrealistic possibility. The Rock, himself has discussed a run for President and has been unwilling to rule it out.

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It’s hard to determine at this time, but most believe that the Presidency discussion from Johnson is little more than a publicity stunt. However, after seeing President Trump’s success as a non-politician, anything is possible.

The Democrats are desperate.

I personally don’t believe that Dwayne Johnson will wind up running in 2020. I truly believe it’s more or less a publicity stunt. He has been vocal about his disagreements with President Trump’s policies and demeanor, but has yet to present any real ‘fixes’ to what he disagrees with. Johnson would probably be a ‘popular’ choice due to his likability and successful movie career, but it’s hard to believe that he would present much resistance to Trump’s re-election bid.

I simply do not believe that Johnson would have the substance to make a real race of it. Before you say it, yes, I realize that President Trump had ZERO political experience when he ran. That is correct, but let’s not forget the experience they do have. President Trump is a businessman and entrepreneur while Johnson has always been an entertainer. Don’t get me wrong, in the entertainment spectrum, Dwayne Johnson is one of my favorite stars. He’s a great actor and generally seems like a decent human being. That does not, however, mean that he is a decent choice for President of the United States. If the Democrats seriously put him on the top of their ticket, you can guarantee, they truly are desperate. I welcome the notion though, because it would easily usher in President Trump’s second term.


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