Black Teacher Claims Students Are Racist 


Black Teacher Claims Students Are Racist

A black teacher claims students are racist due to their support up President Trump. It’s clear in the video that her students definitely vandalized her classroom, but to claim it’s racism shows she is just another victimized liberal.

The students also built a paper “wall” around a female Hispanic teachers classroom door. This would assume she is illegal  (which most likely she is not). This statement is being heard loud and clear.

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Even students are sick of being silenced for their political beliefs. The Liberal mindset has swept America and even children are beginning to feel fed up. The backlash happening within America is overwhelming.

About David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez has withstood a lifetime of adversity and tribulation to become an advocate for bullied children and adults. Rodriguez is a once decorated top 10 heavyweight boxing contender and champion with an impressive record of 37-2 with 35 big knockouts. After a roller coaster of a ride in the dirty politics of the boxing world, Rodriguez became the author of his autobiography, “When The Lights Go Out.” Rodriguez has now since turned his attention to delivering left hooks of truth to a brainwashing and dishonest mainstream media.

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