Band Releases Music Video Glorifying Violence Against Alt-Right


The Tolerant Left Strikes Again!!

In yet another installment of leftists playing tough, glorifying violence, and being downright pathetic, CuckCore band “Stray From the Path” (because hating Trump and the Alt Right is really straying from the path, amirite??) have released sure-to-be smash hit “Goodnight Alt-Right”.

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The video is almost a parody of itself.  In between 4’9″ lead singer Drew York sperging out like a miniature Fred Durst, the band literally dress up in masks a la Antifa and home-invade a Trump supporter (wearing a red hat). They then beat his ass at gunpoint (I thought the left wanted to ban guns?) and tattoo a swastika on his forehead in a shameless rip off of the movie “Inglorious Bastards” – complete with EXACT line from the movie “I’m going to give you something you can’t take off”.

Nothing says “I’m a tolerant liberal” like beating someone up for having a different ideology than you…

Seems to fit the bill.

Here’s the video – watch at your own risk – my sides will be sore for days.

Can you imagine the backlash if a right wing band released a video  of Trump supporters home invading a Bernie Bro someone at gunpoint and beating their ass?

Although it was just released to youtube yesterday, it has already racked up an impressive view count and thumbs down ranking.  Perhaps they should have called the song “Career Suicide” instead?

So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the brilliant lyrics:

“Had to look at my phone ’cause I couldn’t believe the date
It’s 2017 but in a 40’s trend”

Is that a “current year” argument?  I think so.

“With a racist president that’s “making everything great again”
But tell me when that this was fucking okay
All the streets and the screens popping triple K’s”

Ah here we are again with hurling the “racist” insult around some more.  When will the left realize that calling someone racist means next to nothing at this point?
And I’m not sure about you, but I have yet to see the KKK being glorified by anyone.  Even the Alt-Right thinks the KKK are a bunch of rednecks. Not to mention the fact that even the ADL claims their membership at 3,000… NATIONWIDE.  You are literally statistically more likely to win the lottery than meet an actual KKK member.

From now until November, they won’t be playing a concert in the United States – only in Canada and Europe.  Based on the content of the video they just released, that is probably a safe bet, especially considering the number of people who would like to -ahem- “see their show” in the US.

One of the most famous proverbs is “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”  Let’s hope – for their sake – that Stray From The Path are skilled fighters with an enormous entourage. They are sure to not only feel the full wrath of /pol and other alt right outfits, but have also made themselves enemy number one of people who will do more than just post memes online.  Godspeed.

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