A Cold Civil War Is Gripping America


A cold civil war now exists within America as media outlets spin two completely different realities. Each arguing and pushing for a different narrative. 

Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, alongside Leonard Downie, former executive editor and vice president of the Washington Post, Bernstein associated the current media climate to that of the Watergate era. 

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He expanded on that idea, saying that there is a political and cultural civil war and all of our reporting is taking place in the context of that cold civil war. And nothing quite like that existed at the time of Watergate.”

It really comes down to what narrative the public chooses to identify with. The media outlets are carrying out two different truths as well as the alternative media outlets become the instigators on the two agendas. 

This mindset and division in America has not been witnessed since the first civil war. The clear divide is mind numbing. Never before has politics so rapidly dissolved families, friendships and the workplace. 

The growing tension is now out in the open and depending on the side you take, you’re up for criticism, ridicule and even abandonment. 

There are no sensible political discussions anymore. These days you can expect to be inturrpted, judged and isolated depending on what side you choose to take. 

We can expect this division and tension to grow within the next coming years as we fast forward to the next coming presidential election cycle. 

We can expect the ( ridiculous) Russian narrative to gain serious momentum. This criticism and anger for President Trump will continue  to grow colder and even bolder. 

We very well may be on the verge of seeing pockets of violence and civil unrest appear across the nation as both sides decide to become more definitive in the beliefs they choose to uphold. 

Both sides feel as if they’ve been wronged and continue to lose their country to the illusion of fascism. The opposing sides of the media are  guilty for perpetuating the extreme narratives they choose. 
A clear line has been drawn in the sand and I fear within these next four years, it will get more definitive as pockets of civil unrest and tension become more aggressive. 

I personally feel the next election cycle could be the final breaking point. The coming upheaval of riots and civil unrest could bring in a new civil war that could easily erupt across the cities of America. 

About David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez has withstood a lifetime of adversity and tribulation to become an advocate for bullied children and adults. Rodriguez is a once decorated top 10 heavyweight boxing contender and champion with an impressive record of 37-2 with 35 big knockouts. After a roller coaster of a ride in the dirty politics of the boxing world, Rodriguez became the author of his autobiography, “When The Lights Go Out.” Rodriguez has now since turned his attention to delivering left hooks of truth to a brainwashing and dishonest mainstream media.

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