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Tatbir is practiced by some Shia Muslims on the 10 Muharram of the Islamic Calendar, known as “the Day of Asura”, and on the 40th day after Asura, Known as “Arba’een/Chehelom” by Twelvers around the world. Some Shia may also perform tatbir on other occasions as well.

Shia Islam is based on the Quran and the message of Muhammad attested in hadith.

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The practice of Tatbir includes striking oneself with a form of a talwar “sword” on the head, causing blood to flow in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam Husayn. Some Twelvers also hit their back and/or chest with blades attached to chains.

The Shia who perform this  disgusting act also have more than 500,000 inhabitants in Germany.

If they are willing to chop at their own heads what makes you think they will think twice about chopping yours off?

We don’t want this kind of lunacy coming into our country

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