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Promise Kept: Trump Rolls Back More Obama Immigration Policy


President Trump Cancels ‘Deferred Action for Parents of Americans’ Program

President Trump keeps his promise once again.  The Associated Press reports that the Trump Administration has rolled back another tenant of President Obama’s immigration policy. This time it is the ‘Deferred Action for Parents of Americans’ program. This program gave protections to the parents of legal resident children (primarily the parents of ‘anchor babies’). Additionally, this program would give the illegal immigrant parents a renewable work permit for 2 years. President Obama put this ‘backdoor amnesty’ in place via executive memo in November 2014. Thanfully the memo was blocked by a federal judge in Texas after 26 states filed suit against the program.

This roll back comes as no surprise to those who listened to the speeches of President Trump during the campaign. This was simply one of many immigration policies that then-candidate Trump vowed to remove. There will undoubtedly be immense outcry from the left over this decision. They simply cannot stand to see President Obama’s legacy dismantled. I say let them cry. This promise-kept is just one more on the road to MAGA! Thank you, President Trump for keeping your word!

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