Megyn Kelly Attacks Joe Biggs’s Border Video



Last night Megan Kelly was slotted to show an in-depth look into Alex Jones life as  person and family man, but instead focused on many controversies surrounding Alex and Infowars.

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The biggest surprise was when she attacked Joe Biggs’s report on the border that showed drugs being smuggled into the US just 24 hrs before Donald Trump would make an appearance in the bored town to talk about why the border wall should be built and get and endorsement from the Border Patrol Union.

The Next day Donald Trump talked about Biggs’s report from the border and used that as a talking point to prove why we need a secured borer.

Below is the clip that Megan Aired, followed by my original report from Laredo, Tx . Showing the Drugs coming over the porous border.

Also today the 19th I was in the Infowars Studio with Alex Jones to talk about the hit piece.

About Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs is a US Army Retired Staff Sergeant who is a Political Correspondent and Independent Journalist out of Austin, Texas. He has covered All riots since the Michael Brown riots in Ferguson to issues along our border with drugs, illegal immigration and terrorism both home and abroad.

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