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Justin Trudeau Attends Gay Pride Parade Wearing Islam-Themed Socks


On Sunday, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to attend an LGBTQ pride parade… donning Islam-themed socks—an appropriate move for the man who last made headlines hugging a unicorn puppet in an appeal for tolerance.

At Toronto’s Pride Parade, Trudeau—the always-handsome liberal who likes to be everyone’s best friend—celebrated the parade’s theme of ‘inclusivity,’ by sporting a temporary tattoo in the shape of a rainbow maple leaf, and shamelessly flaunted colorful representation of an ideology that calls for the death of every homosexual participating in the parade.

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The Star reported that Trudeau wish the attendants a happy ‘Pride Mubarak,’ which was the Prime Minister’s way of combining the themes of gay pride and the end-of-Ramadan celebration into one big festivity of inclusiveness—which provides background for the rainbow Ramadan socks.

Trudeau explained to the crowd that the parade is “all about including people.” Even those who refuse to coexist with homosexual parade-goers. “It’s all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong, and today we celebrate with the entire LGBTQ community,” he stated.

Apparently Trudeau needs a lesson on inclusivity.

While the Prime Minister wants to pretend that traditional Islamic ideology can tolerate homosexual celebrations, thirteen Muslim-majority countries currently hold the ruling that being gay or bisexual is punishable by death. In modern Saudi Arabia and Iran, homosexuals are beheaded, hanged, or stoned. How can Trudeau honor this religion’s practices in the presence of his own nation’s gay community?

One cannot pander to both homosexuals and Muslims. To show any degree of support for Islam is perhaps the most disrespectful act Canada’s Prime Minister could take at Sunday’s parade.

Meanwhile, this week President Donald Trump has declined to host a Ramadan dinner, ending a 20-year White House tradition. This is what a leader looks like: someone who knows that you cannot protect homosexuals while appeasing Islamic tradition—and someone who doesn’t have to make statements with his socks.

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Courtney Caggiano

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