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Illegal Transgender Is Allowed Hormonal Treatment While Awaiting Trial


The illegal transgender woman, whose controversial arrest in El Paso TX on immigration charges that made national headlines earlier in February, was not only allowed to receive hormonal treatment as she awaits the outcome of her case. She is also being treated as if she has constitutional rights.

You would figure after Trump’s executive order, ICE would have detained and deported her immediately. Not in this case. She’s sitting in the county jail growing some heavy scruff on her face as she soaks in your hard earned tax payer dollars.

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Her name is Irvin Gonzalez Torres, 33, and was arrested at the El Paso County Courthouse on suspicion of illegally re-entering the United States and has been in the county jail since Feb. 9.

Her “rights” were asked to not be violated by Federal prosecutors and asked that Berton rule that the U.S. Marshals treat Gonzalez  “appropriately” when dealing with her delicate medical issues.

The bizarreness of this entire article is that as Gonzalez awaits her trial, she’s being treated in a political correct nature and favoritism that American citizens would never be allowed.

She is a transgender- illegal facing multiple criminal charges while being given constitutional rights and unnecessary hormone treatment so HE can feel like a woman in jail.

Gonzalez’s case first gained national attention after the U.S. Immigration and Customs officers arrested her outside the El Paso County Courthouse. She was literally getting a protective order against her boyfriend. Gonzalez has previously been deported six times, court documents state.

As of April, Gonzalez was sentenced to time served on the charge of Illegal Re-entry. At that time, her attorney stated, “It’s unclear wether Gonzalez would be deported.”

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