Feminists blind eye to grooming gangs!


Feminists and grooming gangs…..


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In the uk we have a very real problem with grooming gangs, the majority of these gangs are made up of the Pakistani male Muslim community.

This is a fact, you cannot call facts racist!!

These gangs that are in operation in over 70 cities and towns all over the uk. These men have been luring none Muslim British girls, since as far back as 1988, maybe further.
With the use of alcohol and drugs.
There is an estimated 1,000,000 young girls effected by this nationwide atrocity.

The majority of people are now aware of this issue.

What baffles me is never do we see any of these feminist groups marching or protesting outside the courts etc.
Yet we have seen them marching through London in the thousands to protest about a president in another country that they will never have any control of, no matter how much they march it’s tough luck, he’s the president.

They will also follow like lambs to the slaughter behind Linda sarsour, the Muslim ‘feminist’ That wants to over throw the 3 decade old American constitution, with sharia law!

Firstly that’s treason, and secondly many aspects of sharia are illegal and against human rights.

But the feminists that scream and cry in the streets for their human rights (that they already have) seem to welcome this with open arms… even shouting that hideous alluhu Akbar, the suicide bombers anthem, over mega phones to thousands of lunatics wearing vaginas on their heads!!!

I’m starting to see the attraction with transgendering into a man, because it’s pretty cringeworthy being a woman right now!!!!

Linda sarsour even just recently used a guys gender and race to insult him when he questioned her about her vile tweets to ayaan hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, were she wrote about giving them an ass whipping and wanting to take away their vaginas. Ayaan hirsi Ali is a fantastic woman who helps young woman effected by FGM, and she to was a victim of this disgusting illegal practise.

Why do these idiot so called feminists want to follow such a disaster of a woman? Have they no brains at all? “Sharia law means your husband owns you you bunch of losers”!!!

It seems the world is waking up to all these smoke screens, and to Linda sarsour thank god.

Incidentally sarsour means cockroach in Arabic! Lol


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