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Dad Travels 1,400 Miles on his Bicycle in order to Listen to Daughter’s Heartbeat


Dad Travels 1,400 Miles on his Bicycle in order to Listen to Daughter’s Heartbeat

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Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Upon hearing about this heart warming story, this truly brought me to tears.  Bill Conner, lost his daughter abruptly when she and her brother were discovered in a swimming pool, nearly lifeless in Cancun, Mexico.  By the time, the siblings were found, Abbey, only 20 years old, suffered a severe brain injury.  As a result, her family decided to make the toughest decision of their lives, and took Abbey off life support.  Her brother, Austin survived the ordeal, but Abbey’s heart was donated soon upon her death.  Abbey was a registered donor and her organ was donated to a 21 year old,  Jack Jr. Loumonth.  Apparently, the young man was only given 10 days to live due to a heart attack he had endured.  Abbey saved Jack’s life, and her father Bill’s goal was to honor his late daughter by riding his bike for 1,400 miles during a Father’s day weekend, so he can meet Jack.  Bill Conner made the arduous trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and after their endearing embrace, and conversation, Bill listened to his daughter’s heartbeat with the stethoscope.  Bill and Jack have a unique bond now, and it was apparent that emotions were immensely high during this tearful moment.  According to CBS news, Jack stated the following about Abbey, “All I can do is send my love to her family.”  Bill Conner commented that there is nothing more profound than to leave a legacy which saves a life through organ donation.


Source: CBS news

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